Time Vouchers


Time Vouchers


Anchor Time Vouchers

Launched with the Greenwich Manifesto : May Day 2017


1. Anchor Time Vouchers. Made In Greenwich has launched security-printed ‘Anchors’ to promote the local community economy. Time vouchers take time banks a stage further, and enable you to exchange your time in any way you want, with everyone's time is equal. They are valid for a year, and circulate freely as a currency without any central administration, being exchanged both inside and outside the local area - the Boroughs of Greenwich & Lewisham, Isle of Dogs, and Tidal Thames. Using time vouchers does not affect your tax position, or your receipt of state benefits.

2. Joining. To get hold of your starter time vouchers, you can join at Made In Greenwich 324 Creek Road SE10 9SW, with a special introductory promotion of free coffee or tea. You can join up for as little as £1, for which you receive 1, for £5 you receive 5, and for £10 you receive 10. This covers our administration. It will soon be possible to join online through www.madeingreenwich.co.uk

3. Individuals. You can exchange your time vouchers with anyone you want to, by offering or receiving an hour of services like those on the list of skills & needs. Time vouchers are not be suitable for services such as professional electricians, who give guarantees.

4. Using Anchors in local businesses. You need one Anchor time voucher to buy £100 retail work at Made in Greenwich, and other local businesses are being invited to offer time voucher deals.

5. Keep The Green. Anyone can donate anchor time vouchers for Keep The Green activities, and volunteers then receive anchors for hours spent on any community activities.


More info about the Manifesto and Time Exchange is at Made In Greenwich, 324 Creek Road, SE10 9SW 10-5 Tues-Sun, closed for lunch 1-1.30, and closed Monday. And by appointment. www.madeingreenwich.co.uk 020 8293 9823. We host exhibitions of local artists, events, workshops & discussions. Contact: Edward Hill